Some MCS Survey Comments

There are currently 4 staff (that I know of) that have tested positive this week after working last week.
We have been told that there aren’t enough desks in the district to supply classrooms who don’t already have desks.  For example, in my grade level, we use tables and now we can only seat one student at each table (I have 8 tables total).  I need desks.  Those are not available.  Now, students may have to sit on the floor all day and even eat on the floor.
I’m type 1 Diabetic of almost 25 years. My doctor said I’m healthy to return and it would probably be better for me if we resumed. We need to get back to work, this makes our profession look like a bunch of whiners. Grocery store clerks can’t do this, truck drivers can’t do this, pharmacies can’t do this. This is irresponsible, let’s go back to work!!
I am fine with coming In to work from my room even though I’m immune compromised but students return and their attitudes towards mask concern me. I like the idea of teaching online from classroom.
I am horrified at the disrespect, anger and hatred directed at teachers who express concern and/or reluctance to return to the classroom right now,  and am equally horrified at school boards and other officials who are glossing over teachers’ concerns. Would I prefer my child be able to attend school “like normal” right now? Of course. But these are nor normal times. My child recognizes that; I’m not sure why adults can’t.
In person or virtual teachers need a pay raise. Teachers should have a choice if they want to teach in person or virtual. Professors at colleges were giving the option and a lot of the courses are being taught online because professors don’t feel comfortable having in person classes. So I am definitely not surprised grad school teachers feel the same. If we are getting students college ready let’s prepare them for online learning.